Neighbourhood planning

vision statement

Uppingham Town will remain an attractive and desirable place to live, meeting the housing needs of all ages with a community seeking to provide a good quality of life for all residents in a rural village environment.

It will be a thriving and sustainable community, supported by appropriate infrastructure, offering a range of employment opportunities and maintaining heritage assets and green areas for all to enjoy.

Neighbourhood planning advisory group

what do we do?

Central government's policy is to build lots of new houses across the country. Uppingham, as a community has 2 choices - we could sit back and let others tell us how and where Uppingham's share of those new houses will be built, or we can decide for ourselves - through developing a Neighbourhood Plan which developers must abide by. Our first published version of that came into force in 2016, and we're now, since 2021, undertaking a comprehensive revision of that Plan.

Uppingham's Neighbourhood Planning Advisory Group (NPAG) advises the Town Council, who act as the governing body for the Neighbourhood Plan. NPAG is made up of members from across the community in Uppingham - if you would like to join the Group please contact the Town Clerk on 01572 822681. 

Neighbourhood planning advisory group


Cllr Ron Simpson


Tony Streeter

Vice Chair

Cllr David Anslie


Cllr Mark Shaw

Deputy Mayor

Cllr Liz Clark

Cllr Christine Edwards

Cllr Ramsay Ross

Kath Gilbert

Sam Hamblin

Jim Day

Andrew Mankowski

Stephen Taylor

Howard Thompson

Janet Thompson

Nick Townsend

Rev Rachel Watts

Andrew Jenkins

Dave Casewell